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Here are some of the questions we’ve received recently.

I have never been threaded before, how will I know it is suitable for me?
Threading is suitable for almost everyone, even those with sensitive skin. This is because it only uses a piece of cotton thread. There is absolutely no use of heat, chemicals or anything else that could harm the delicate skin on your face. As long as you go to a reputable and experienced threading technician you should leave with great result and no adverse reactions. Make an appointment and come see our threading expert who will be happy to answer all your questions before threading and also offer you some great after care tips!
Please do tell us if you are using Roaccutane (a medication usually used to treat extreme forms of acne) or if you know that you have particularly sensitive skin. In such instances, we may advise that only small areas of the face are threaded to start off with, to check that there will be no adverse reaction.

I have noticed some thick hair on my chin. What could be causing this?
Hormonal changes are one of the common causes for this or sometimes side effects of certain medications may also cause thick hair on chin. Threading is ideal for removing facial hair. The hair should grow back finer, softer and smoother afterwards. It can be frustrating and tempting to pluck them out. But at all cost avoid plucking as it is likely to cause ingrown hair. So make an appointment and come see us. If however, you notice a sudden growth, we would certainly recommend you to address the concern with your doctor.

How long will threading take?
For a regular brow tidy, your treatment will take no longer than 10-15 minutes. For a full brow reshape or thinning, it could take up to 20 minutes. Book an appointment and visit us, your eyebrows will beautifully frame your face. Full face threading can take between 20-30 minutes.

Does threading hurt?
It can hurt a little, yes, especially if you have recently started threading and are not used to sensation. We’re not going to lie and say it is pain free, because no means of pulling hair out from the root can promise that. But the combination of our technicians’ expert techniques and the soothing after care will definitely ease the sensation.

Will my face be red afterwards?
There may be slight redness for a short time in the area you have just had threaded. This will be alleviated by the cooling aloe vera gel we’ll apply. Any redness should disappear within 20-30 minutes after the treatment. This may not be the case for everyone though – you may not notice any redness at all.

Can I apply make-up and moisturiser after having my face threaded?
You are advised to avoid applying make-up and facial scrubs for around 12 hours after your threading treatment. Certain cooling moisturisers or antiseptic properties such as a tea tree oil or aloe vera can help soothe the area that has been threaded.

How long should I leave between appointments?
This depends on your hair growth. Generally speaking, it can be any time between 2- 4 weeks.

Can I pluck my eyebrows in between threading appointments?
We know it can be very tempting to pluck out the odd hair, but plucking is a big No. By plucking the hair you are creating an irregular hair growth cycle and our experience tells us you could potentially over pluck and ruin the shape as well as suffer from in-grown hair. So avoid plucking – make an appointment and come see us before you pick up your tweezers!

Why does henna appear darker on my palms compared to my arms?
The henna will always come out darker on your palms because it is warmer than your arms. The skin texture and warmth of the body are crucial determiners of the darkness of the colour. Our henna artists will give you some expert tips on how to naturally darken the colour.

Do you use black henna?
No, we do not use any black or artificial henna. Black henna is extremely dangerous for your skin and should be avoided at all costs. It has become very popular at tourist destinations – so be aware. When you book our henna artists you do not need to worry about any allergic reactions – as we only use 100% natural henna that is safe and delivers beautiful deep colour. Did you know henna plant is one of the oldest cosmetics ever used!

How long will it last?
It depends on your after-care. But generally it can last up to 2 weeks. To make the colour last longer, avoid contact with water and leave the henna paste on for as long as you can. There are more great tips which you’ll get from our artists!

Is henna only applied in palms and foot?
Henna can be applied anywhere on your body depending on your desire and requirements. Why not visit our gallery to see how versatile it can be!

I have an event coming up and I need henna artist will you travel to my venue?
Yes, we do travel to your venue for events, weddings and parties. Drop us an email or call us so that we can help you further.

Does it hurt to get a henna design?
Not at all. Henna is applied using a plastic cone on the surface of the skin. There is no needle involved.


I had my eyebrows tinted a year ago, do I still need a patch test?
Yes, we recommend you come in for a quick patch test – it will only take 2 minutes! Make sure you come in at least 24 hours before your appointment. It’s also a good opportunity to ask our technicians any questions that you may have.

How long does eyebrow tint last for?
It can last between 3 – 4 weeks, depending on your lifestyle and after care. If you are a swimmer, you may notice the tint may only last up to 3 weeks.

I still need more information about some of the treatments, what should I do?
If you still have questions about any of our services then we are always happy to help and answer your queries. Drop us an email, text, call or use our enquiry form and we’ll get right back to you!