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Lemon juice for scars

147688-283x424-woman-holding-lemonLemon juice is a great natural remedy for lightening minor scars. But like any natural remedy you have to be regular in application to see the results. Simply apply fresh lemon juice onto the scar with a cotton bud (Q tip) 2-3 times a day. Yes it may sting for about a minute, but it’s well worth it! Make sure you cleanse your face before applying lemon. Along with lightening the scars it will also help your skin restore some elasticity! Try this out and let us know, has it made a difference to your skin?

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Eyeliner for the perfect rimmed look

Eyeliner on the waterline is prone to smudge and fade, but there is a way to avoid this and achieve a perfect lasting wear. Dip the tip of your black eyeliner pencil into gel eye liner and then apply to your waterline (top and bottom if you wish). This will give you a jet black liner, prevent liner from fading and give you the perfect rimmed look. We love Bobby Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner! Give it a try.

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Trimming your brows

brow cutTo complete your defined brow look, trim your brows to perfection. When trimming your eyebrows, use a disposable or an old mascara brush to comb the hair upwards and then trim the long hairs. Do not over cut your hair as these will stick out of your brow shape which looks  odd. If you comb them up and nothing stands out, they probably don’t need to be trimmed. Brush them back in to shape. The result will be a much more defined brows!

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DIY Nail Art Tool

Nail tool

Create your own nail art tool, with a bobby pin! Try all three points of a bobby pin, it’s amazing how many different looks you can achieve, try different colours and glitters – get creative! Also use those already stretched out old bobby pins – this will give different sizes dots and strokes.

If you have a DIY nail art tools, share it with us in comments below so we can give it a try!

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Bye Bye Dark Circles


Recently we found that coconut oil does work well to reduce dark circles. Here’s the thing, before you go to sleep, dab some pure coconut oil on the eye lids and under the eye making sure your dark circles are covered (don’t forget to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin beforehand). Leave this on and go off to sleep. When you wake up just wipe away with a warm wet flannel.

Make this your routine for the next 3 weeks every night and see the difference. It gives a soothe effect to the eyes from within and also helps you fall asleep. Try it and let us know!

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Cute Curls Using Bobby Pins


Pin curls are still an effective way to get natural-looking waves without heat and chemicals. After washing, dry your hair damp, then take one-inch strand of your hair (the thicker the strand the looser the curl), twist each one away from your face until it spirals up to your scalp into little circles (see image), and pin it securely in place with bobby pins (you can even sleep in this, it’s more comfortable than sleeping in rollers).  The longer the curls set, the more pronounced they will be. In the morning take all the pins out and you have a new hairstyle for the day – Ta Dah!  For loose waves, pull them down after 30 minutes or so. To finish – use your fingers to style and separate curls (do not brush – this causes frizz).
stand pin

It’s also a perfect way to style little girls’ hair – no damage just cute curls (don’t you think they look adorable in curly hair?).

Share your curled hair pictures with us!

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Dandruff? Have you tried Lemon?


Lemon juice is believed to help reduce effects of dandruff. It’s very simple:
An hour before you wash your hair, cut some lemon slices and rub it into your scalp. Let the juice penetrate. Repeat this every time you wash your hair (it leaves your hair smelling lemon-fresh too) and let us know if you notice any difference?

Did you know rubbing lemon slice on your nails also make your nails stronger and whiter? Give it a try!

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The Lipstick Blush


In Elegant Tips, we will be sharing with you tips that we have collected from all around the world.

Starting today with using your lipstick as blush!  Let’s admit it, we have all encountered that moment when we feel the need to add a pop of colour to our face (especially when we are on an evening out and are not carrying our full makeup kit). Next time, you look into the mirror and feel this need, give this little trick a try. Use your lipstick as your blush – a lady always has a lipstick in her bag!  So here goes:

1. Before anything, make sure your lipstick shade is ‘ok’ to use on cheeks, ie pink, coral or peach hues are good ones to use

2. Rub lipstick on finger (we find the index finger to be easiest) and pat on cheek bone

3. Work your way tapping on cheek and taking colour as you need

A quick trick that works! Keep a light hand and remember to blend!

Try this and leave us a comment below – has your lipstick come to your rescue?


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