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Hot Chocolate, it’s not all naughty

Brek26.jpgWhen welcoming the crisp chilly days and nights of winter, nothing is more alluring than knowing the health benefits of drinking hot chocolate, right?! So here goes:

Cocoa and heart

Tea, apples, onions, and red wine all help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, due to their content of beneficial antioxidant polyphenols. Basically this is great for cardio-protection and guess what, cocoa has one of the highest antioxidant polyphenol content!

Help reduce blood pressure

Oh and even small amounts of cocoa can reduce cholesterol in the blood, and can lower blood pressure. Even more, regular intake of cocoa has been shown to improve overall function of vein and arteries.

Cocoa and Antioxidants

Science Daily also states that drinking cocoa may help to fight cancer, heart disease and aging through its antioxidant boosting effect. But most commercial cocoa powders have the antioxidant-containing flavonoids removed because they taste bitter; therefore, in order to obtain the health boosting benefits, consider buying raw cocoa powder, which is a minimally processed cocoa powder!

What’s more? It helps lower LDL cholesterol, reduces the risk of blood clots, increase blood flow to the arteries, lower high blood pressure, boosts cognitive performance and provides essential minerals such as calcium and potassium. We’re sure you didn’t need to read till here to grab yourself a warm yummy hot chocolate! (Remember raw coco powder and stick to a small serving to get your fix without wrecking your waistline).

While we are at it, how about a small tiny piece of lemon drizzle

Which hot drink is your warm companion throughout winter?

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Crack open benefits of Pistachios



We know nuts in general are good for us (unless of course you’re allergic to it), but sometimes we need the visual benefits to make the extra effort to consume these. Pistachios are not only visibly beautiful with its unique ‘pistachio green’ colour, but it turns out these nuts are full of goody stuff.

You see, with healthy food you have to start now to see its benefits as you get older (or should we say as you look younger). Here we gather four of its benefits and we hope it convinces you to start eating it regularly (in moderation)!

Combat hair fall

Hair fall is a grief a lot of us are struck with, a lot of ladies we know take biotin supplements available in the market. But do you know that Pistachios contain good amount of biotin and regular consumption would help combat hair fall.

Hearty Pistachios

Pistachios also contain l-arginine – so what does that do? It can make the lining of your arteries more flexible and make it less likely you will develop blood clots that could cause a heart attack.

Good source of dietary fibre

Pistachios are a great source of fibre which aids digestion and boosts the metabolism – now that’s what we want to hear!

Great for skin

Your skin is always hungry for Vitamin E, and as you must have guessed, pistachios are loaded with Vitamin E. It protects skin from harmful UV rays and keeps the skin healthy and beautiful. On top of this, pistachios are packed with antioxidants which prevent premature ageing of the skin. A healthy looking skin is certainly not a wish if you’re snacking on pistachios.

Pistachios are available in various forms shelled, unshelled, chopped, salted and roasted; it’s always best to go for the raw unshelled ones as the processed ones lose nutrition while processing, also breaking the shell would ensure a check on the quality and quantity consumed!

Quick Eating Tips:

–          The best thing about nuts is that you can eat it raw!

–          Add some pistachios with plain/ vanilla yogurt and honey

How do you use pistachios? Share it with us

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