Eyebrows – sisters, not twins?

You may have heard this phrase and maybe wondered whether your eyebrows should be like sisters or identical twins. Well the correct answer is… it is entirely up to you. Both can frame and lift your eyes equally depending on your facial features.

Naturally our eyebrows are not 100% identical. Believe it or not, but you will find some if not minor differences even in your features, be it your eyes, ears or eyebrows. So your brows can be threaded and shaped whilst keeping the natural differences or precisely shape it identical without making it look fake. Keep away from overly thin and fake looking brows! It does not frame your face in any way.

How to decide which suits you better?

When you visit your threading specialist, talk to her and tell her exactly what you want.

Although they have the expert knowledge on what shape might suit your face – they are not mind readers. So discuss it with her. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for you to communicate how you want your brows and for the threading technician to listen to your requirements.

It’s disappointing that there are so many ladies who complain about their threading specialist not listening to them! Make sure this is not the case with you.

If you feel your consultation is not satisfactory – reconsider your technician. Of course if you are a regular you would not need the consultation every time. But if you are trying out a new technician or visiting one for the first time, absolutely judge the technician from the consultation she provides.

By all means if you really don’t mind and want to leave the shape to your technician that’s fine too – just remember to choose a technician with considerable experience.

The worst part is, you will not be able to see your eyebrows until they are threaded and the mirror appears in front of you, by then it might be too late if you are unhappy with the shape – waiting for them to grow back will be the only option. You can’t even hide your brows unless luckily you have a fringe. Avoid this and choose the better option – discuss this with your technician beforehand.


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