Hair Extensions

Track weaves

Starts from……..£175.00
Removal ………..£30.00

Free consultation
Touch-ups…by appointment

*Prices include hair extensions

Fusion (I tip or loose strand by strand)

Starts from…….£124.00

Free consultation
Touch-ups…by appointment

*Prices include hair extensions

Clip Ins

Starts from…….£20
We can fit and style your clip inswithin 30 minutes**

Free consultation

*Prices do not include hair extensions
**Depends on the hairstyle


Starts from……£25.00


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Hair extensions have become very popular and with all the varied information available, it can get very confusing and sometimes you may not know where to start or what to look for, which is the best method and the hair to use.

With that in mind, we would like to make your whole experience simple yet enjoyable.  Below we will guide you through all the information you need to know. If at any point you wish to ask a question, feel free to contact us (we won’t mind, honestly!).

The hair extension process can be explained in 5 easy steps:
1. Consultation – Meet us, let us look at your current hair type and have a quick question and answer session, while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee maybe.
2. Choose the hair – Here is the fun part, we show you a selection of hair extensions which suit your hair type and requirements.
3. Have your hair extensions put in – now it’s time for you to relax while we work hard.
4. Cut and style to complete your look – The final stage to complete the look.
5. Flaunt your new glamorous hair – This part is self explanatory isn’t it?

After removal you can keep the hair extensions (wefts, tips and clip ins) with you forever!

Which methods do you provide?
Track weaves
Micro links/ rings extensions (strand-by-strand)
Pre bonded extensions

Why these methods?
Miss Elegant believes in offering the most natural, safest and effective methods of hair extensions.

–          No chemicals
–          No glue
–          No excessive heat
–          Easy maintenance
–          Daily styling made easy
–          Give the natural hair some rest

Which method is best for me?
We will discuss this during your consultation and inform you of the best method suitable for you.

What can I achieve from hair extensions?

–          Add length
–          Add volume
–          Add colour
–          Get highlights/ lowlights
–          Change texture
–          Natural look
–          Blends easily

What hair do you use?
We use Kromé Hair The Rare Collection – the premium quality virgin and Remy human hair extensions. It gives you the best wear and blends in very naturally with your own hair. You can straighten, curl or dye – do absolutely anything!

Can I bring my own hair?
Yes absolutely! We would be more than happy to fit your hair extensions in for you. Feel free to ask us if you need any help or have any questions related to hair extension types.

Do you provide consultation?
Yes we do, book your free consultation here.

I am getting married, can I wear extensions?
Yes, you can have hair extensions fitted in for your wedding day. Once fitted, you can style it as you desire – including up do’s!

Will extensions damage my hair?
Hair extensions do not damage hair providing professional and correct application has been carried out. Please be aware of the unprofessional services that are available on the market who do not have the extensive knowledge of the hair and hair extension skill, which is crucial to ensure no damage is caused to your hair.

At Miss Elegant, you can be rest assured that your hair (the richest possession in our opinion) is treated with a professional, damage free and specialised service.  Our technicians are skilled and have extensive knowledge and understanding of how hair behaves.  This will not only give you hair extensions that are envied by others but also expert after care advice and regular maintenance.

What about after care?
Our hair technicians will share all their knowledge and information with you to make sure you can take the best possible after care.

Do I have to come back to you for removal of hair extensions?
Experience has shown that most customers cause major hair damage at the point of removing their extensions. So we advise you to come back to us for professional and damage free removal – it will also be less time consuming!

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