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Threading has become a very popular method of facial hair removal. Our threading experts have over 15 years of experience and will help you achieve beautifully shaped brows that help frame your face. You are in the hands of the best threading experts in Cambridge.

Become our regular client and keep on top of your brows because your 8th visit is on us! FREE EYEBROW THREADING ON YOUR 8TH VISIT!


Any of the below services will be £3 extra for a reshape


Simply tidy me £7 (10 to 15 mins)

Quick tidy up of your existing shaped brows. Threading and trimming.


Colour and tidy £18 (15 to 20 mins)

Ideal for brows that require more colour enhance. Define your brows by adding a bit of colour to your natural brows. Don’t worry you will not walk out with too obvious artificial looking brows. We are experts in this and will make sure that your brows can be seen with a natural appearance. Tint, thread and trim.


The Elegant Brow Package £25 (25 -30 mins)

Our signature service ideal for anyone. Includes consultation, cleanse, tint, thread, trim and fill in with a finished groomed professional appearance. After this treatment, your brows will look stunning.


The Elegant Henna Brow Package £35 (40 to 45 mins)

New In!

A Semi permanent option for eyebrows. The Elegant Henna Brows are a form of tinting which is used to stain the skin underneath the brow hairs as well as the brow hair. This aids in creating an impression of depth and fullness for the brow area and fills in any sparseness. Can also create an ombre effect. The tint on the skin will last approximately two weeks and on the brow hair approximately four to five weeks.

Includes consultation, cleanse, thread, trim and henna tint.

Patch test required 48 hours prior to treatment

Feel me not brows and uplifting £20 (20-25 mins)

Ideal for anyone who may be sensitive to threading. A relaxing service includes a six step procedure to acquire the brows you desire; cleanse, scrub, steam, threading, trimming and soothing aloe vera massage. The massage aids in blood circulation for the eye area and helps with uplifting the brow muscles. Cooling aloe vera gel helps reduce wrinkles around the eyes and its anti-ageing properties help maintain collagen in the skin.


Virgin brows £10  (15-20 mins)

For young teens or anyone who has never had anything done to their eyebrows. Let the experts craft and contour your brows. This is done taking into consideration your natural look. We never remove more hair than necessary and yet define eyebrows with extreme precision.


Disappearing brows! FREE CONSULTATION

Brows looking thin? Can’t see them? Come in and talk to us, we will be more than happy to listen to your concerns and recommend a solution that suits you.


Brows grooming for men  From £10

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All you lovely ladies out there, we’re sure you all must have a partner, son, father, brother…who needs a bit of brow grooming. Bring them along; because they won’t come on their own for the first time. They say men can’t take pain; true or not true, we appreciate not everyone’s the same when it comes to pain. We handle with care!

So all men out there, please do come along and experience this new groomed look for your eyebrows. Tinted and Groomed brows for men are becoming popular.

Don’t worry we will maintain your natural look and remove only the unnecessary brow hairs. You can darken your brows as much or as little as you like. Just let us know during your appointment.



Upper lip £4

Chin and Lower lip £6

Forehead £4

Sides of face £8

Sideburns £4

Neck £8

Full face £25

Full face with neck £30


Lash tint £18

Henna brows and Lash tint £49

Patch test required


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