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The Lipstick Blush


In Elegant Tips, we will be sharing with you tips that we have collected from all around the world.

Starting today with using your lipstick as blush!  Let’s admit it, we have all encountered that moment when we feel the need to add a pop of colour to our face (especially when we are on an evening out and are not carrying our full makeup kit). Next time, you look into the mirror and feel this need, give this little trick a try. Use your lipstick as your blush – a lady always has a lipstick in her bag!  So here goes:

1. Before anything, make sure your lipstick shade is ‘ok’ to use on cheeks, ie pink, coral or peach hues are good ones to use

2. Rub lipstick on finger (we find the index finger to be easiest) and pat on cheek bone

3. Work your way tapping on cheek and taking colour as you need

A quick trick that works! Keep a light hand and remember to blend!

Try this and leave us a comment below – has your lipstick come to your rescue?


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