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DIY Nail Art Tool

Nail tool

Create your own nail art tool, with a bobby pin! Try all three points of a bobby pin, it’s amazing how many different looks you can achieve, try different colours and glitters – get creative! Also use those already stretched out old bobby pins – this will give different sizes dots and strokes.

If you have a DIY nail art tools, share it with us in comments below so we can give it a try!

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Cute Curls Using Bobby Pins


Pin curls are still an effective way to get natural-looking waves without heat and chemicals. After washing, dry your hair damp, then take one-inch strand of your hair (the thicker the strand the looser the curl), twist each one away from your face until it spirals up to your scalp into little circles (see image), and pin it securely in place with bobby pins (you can even sleep in this, it’s more comfortable than sleeping in rollers).  The longer the curls set, the more pronounced they will be. In the morning take all the pins out and you have a new hairstyle for the day – Ta Dah!  For loose waves, pull them down after 30 minutes or so. To finish – use your fingers to style and separate curls (do not brush – this causes frizz).
stand pin

It’s also a perfect way to style little girls’ hair – no damage just cute curls (don’t you think they look adorable in curly hair?).

Share your curled hair pictures with us!

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