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A miracle for dry hands


If you have extremely sore and dry hands or normal dry hands, I personally find Helping Hands (hand cream) from Lush is truly an amazing product. You must try it.

Although I do not have sore hands, I do notice my hands feeling dry during the day (especially in winter) and find myself applying hand cream several times to keep my hands moisturised.

In the case of Helping Hands cream, I applied it in the morning and noticed my hands were surprisingly moisturised for the whole day. Even after washing my hands several times, they felt hydrated, nourished and moisturised. There was no need to re-apply the cream. The difference is noticeable after just one application. Truly impressed.

The cream is not too greasy, the smell is neutral and nice – nothing too strong. I would say both men and women can use it. It is very nourishing and great value for money (£7.50/100gm).

Looks like this may be my all time favourite hand cream – I’m loving it.

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