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Eyebrow grooming rules for men


Never underestimate the power of the brows to change your face. So here are some key rules to remember when it comes to eyebrow grooming for men:

  1. Always keep brows full and not too thin
  2. Keep to your natural shape and remove the unwanted hair,  stay away from creating arches which makes them look too feminine
  3. Sometimes it’s just about tidying up, so thread the glabella (area between the two brows) and trim your brows using scissors, avoid tweezing
  4. If you are looking to change the shape, seek professionals advice


If you have any questions, email us, we’ll be happy to answer them!

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DIY Brow Control



Got nicely shaped brows but still find the odd few stubborn hair stray, slides, budge out of shape? It’s ok, it happens with us too and yes it’s annoying. To fix it and make sure your brows stay in perfect shape till the time you hit bed at night, we’ve come down to the top 5 DIY brow control!

1. Clear mascara

The comb makes it easy to brush the brow back in shape whilst applying the clear mascara –  the best method out of all to keep the brow in place all day .

2. Vaseline (petroleum jelly)

Applied with a cotton bud/ tip of finger over the brow then comb with a disposable mascara brush or even a normal hair comb.

3. Castor oil

Dab a little castor oil on brows and avoid using too much – or else you will walk out with shiny gunky eyebrows – yikes! Not the attention your brows want!

4. Hair gel

Hair gel can keep those stubborn hairs in control – look out for the white stuff when gel dries. To avoid this use good quality gel.

5. Moustache wax

Not sure if he uses it, but no harm in searching through his toiletry kit, right? It’s an old Hollywood beauty tip that keeps the brow hair in place for most of the day. Try the clear one and don’t go overboard in applying it as it can feel sticky and can give stiff looking brows. So only use a little – don’t go overboard.

In short, any good gel based products in your kit should do the trick, hair spray just don’t seem to work with brow control.

If you have tried any other DIY brow control tricks that has done wonders share it with us!

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