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Eyelash Curlers Diary

Eyelash Curler Diary


Lash curlers are a must-have for ladies – after all what else can make you look sexier and make your eyes more flattering in less than 10 seconds?

Remember, everyone’s lashes are different. What works for your friend may not work for you, so consider your eye shape and lash length. Surf through our lash curler round-up and find the best one for you.

When using any curler, the one pro advice is to adapt the curl-then-apply-mascara approach (your lashes will thank you).


Heated lash curler


Best for:

  • Short, sparse or hard-to-curl lashes
  • Anyone with lash extensions
  • Alternative to clamping curler
  • Separating lashes as you curl

Compare it to a curling iron for your hair. As you would avoid hot barrel contact with scalp, similarly avoid getting too close to your lid (ouch!). It will separate your lashes as you curl.

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Compact curler



Best for:

  • Beginners
  • Perfect fit for make-up bags and travelling kits
  • Lash-curler-phobic

Maybe awkward to handle at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. The compact curler will get close to even the smallest lashes. Depending on how curled you want your lashes to be, you’ll have to keep compressing the curler.

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Classic Eyelash Curler


Best for:

  • Experienced lash curlers
  • Those with steady hands
  • All-purpose curling

The classic curler doesn’t need much explanation does it? For medium to long lashes this is the perfect curler and with practice + clump free mascara it will open up your eyes. Easy to use especially when you’re short of time.

Tip: If your lashes are a bit stubborn, warm up the curler with hair dryer for few seconds before you curl.

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Half lash curler


Best for:

‘Hard to reach’ and inaccessible lashes

Curl part of lashes

  • Create dramatic looks
  • Perk up corners if lashes start to droop throughout the day

If you have short or straight lashes, that are difficult to reach, then you have to invest in a half lash curler. The impact is truly an eye opener.

Firstly, the major benefit is you can ‘squeeze and release’ only parts of lashes to create your desired look. We love to curl the outer corners to elongate eyes for a sultry cat-eye look

Secondly, the half lash curler is great to partner with classic curler to create an intense, dramatic curled look (have this option for days when you have a bit more time, it’s not the best excuse to be late for work).

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Metal curler with engineered handle


Best for:

Medium to long lashes

  • Those who tend to be heavy-handed when curling
  • Anyone who needs more control

If you want the kinder closing action on your lashes, try these as the springs provide more control and resistance.

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Which eyelash curler do you find most effective? Will you be trying a new curler? Leave us a comment below 🙂

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