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DIY Nail Art Tool

Nail tool

Create your own nail art tool, with a bobby pin! Try all three points of a bobby pin, it’s amazing how many different looks you can achieve, try different colours and glitters – get creative! Also use those already stretched out old bobby pins – this will give different sizes dots and strokes.

If you have a DIY nail art tools, share it with us in comments below so we can give it a try!

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The Lipstick Blush


In Elegant Tips, we will be sharing with you tips that we have collected from all around the world.

Starting today with using your lipstick as blush!  Let’s admit it, we have all encountered that moment when we feel the need to add a pop of colour to our face (especially when we are on an evening out and are not carrying our full makeup kit). Next time, you look into the mirror and feel this need, give this little trick a try. Use your lipstick as your blush – a lady always has a lipstick in her bag!  So here goes:

1. Before anything, make sure your lipstick shade is ‘ok’ to use on cheeks, ie pink, coral or peach hues are good ones to use

2. Rub lipstick on finger (we find the index finger to be easiest) and pat on cheek bone

3. Work your way tapping on cheek and taking colour as you need

A quick trick that works! Keep a light hand and remember to blend!

Try this and leave us a comment below – has your lipstick come to your rescue?


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Eyelash Curlers Diary

Eyelash Curler Diary


Lash curlers are a must-have for ladies – after all what else can make you look sexier and make your eyes more flattering in less than 10 seconds?

Remember, everyone’s lashes are different. What works for your friend may not work for you, so consider your eye shape and lash length. Surf through our lash curler round-up and find the best one for you.

When using any curler, the one pro advice is to adapt the curl-then-apply-mascara approach (your lashes will thank you).


Heated lash curler


Best for:

  • Short, sparse or hard-to-curl lashes
  • Anyone with lash extensions
  • Alternative to clamping curler
  • Separating lashes as you curl

Compare it to a curling iron for your hair. As you would avoid hot barrel contact with scalp, similarly avoid getting too close to your lid (ouch!). It will separate your lashes as you curl.

Click Here to buy the Diorshow Heat Curl heated lash curler


Compact curler



Best for:

  • Beginners
  • Perfect fit for make-up bags and travelling kits
  • Lash-curler-phobic

Maybe awkward to handle at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. The compact curler will get close to even the smallest lashes. Depending on how curled you want your lashes to be, you’ll have to keep compressing the curler.

Click Here to buy Laura Mercier eyelash curler


Classic Eyelash Curler


Best for:

  • Experienced lash curlers
  • Those with steady hands
  • All-purpose curling

The classic curler doesn’t need much explanation does it? For medium to long lashes this is the perfect curler and with practice + clump free mascara it will open up your eyes. Easy to use especially when you’re short of time.

Tip: If your lashes are a bit stubborn, warm up the curler with hair dryer for few seconds before you curl.

Click Here to buy the Shy Uemura eyelash curler, Click Here to buy Tweezerman Delux Metal EyeLash Curler Silicone Pad


Half lash curler


Best for:

‘Hard to reach’ and inaccessible lashes

Curl part of lashes

  • Create dramatic looks
  • Perk up corners if lashes start to droop throughout the day

If you have short or straight lashes, that are difficult to reach, then you have to invest in a half lash curler. The impact is truly an eye opener.

Firstly, the major benefit is you can ‘squeeze and release’ only parts of lashes to create your desired look. We love to curl the outer corners to elongate eyes for a sultry cat-eye look

Secondly, the half lash curler is great to partner with classic curler to create an intense, dramatic curled look (have this option for days when you have a bit more time, it’s not the best excuse to be late for work).

Click Here to buy MAC Half lash curler


Metal curler with engineered handle


Best for:

Medium to long lashes

  • Those who tend to be heavy-handed when curling
  • Anyone who needs more control

If you want the kinder closing action on your lashes, try these as the springs provide more control and resistance.

Click Here to buy Models Own eyelash curler

Which eyelash curler do you find most effective? Will you be trying a new curler? Leave us a comment below 🙂

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Crack open benefits of Pistachios



We know nuts in general are good for us (unless of course you’re allergic to it), but sometimes we need the visual benefits to make the extra effort to consume these. Pistachios are not only visibly beautiful with its unique ‘pistachio green’ colour, but it turns out these nuts are full of goody stuff.

You see, with healthy food you have to start now to see its benefits as you get older (or should we say as you look younger). Here we gather four of its benefits and we hope it convinces you to start eating it regularly (in moderation)!

Combat hair fall

Hair fall is a grief a lot of us are struck with, a lot of ladies we know take biotin supplements available in the market. But do you know that Pistachios contain good amount of biotin and regular consumption would help combat hair fall.

Hearty Pistachios

Pistachios also contain l-arginine – so what does that do? It can make the lining of your arteries more flexible and make it less likely you will develop blood clots that could cause a heart attack.

Good source of dietary fibre

Pistachios are a great source of fibre which aids digestion and boosts the metabolism – now that’s what we want to hear!

Great for skin

Your skin is always hungry for Vitamin E, and as you must have guessed, pistachios are loaded with Vitamin E. It protects skin from harmful UV rays and keeps the skin healthy and beautiful. On top of this, pistachios are packed with antioxidants which prevent premature ageing of the skin. A healthy looking skin is certainly not a wish if you’re snacking on pistachios.

Pistachios are available in various forms shelled, unshelled, chopped, salted and roasted; it’s always best to go for the raw unshelled ones as the processed ones lose nutrition while processing, also breaking the shell would ensure a check on the quality and quantity consumed!

Quick Eating Tips:

–          The best thing about nuts is that you can eat it raw!

–          Add some pistachios with plain/ vanilla yogurt and honey

How do you use pistachios? Share it with us

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Tips For Dark and Deep Henna Colour

HennaWe always get ladies asking us for our top tips to achieve a dark and deep colour from their henna. So here we are sharing with you, our top six tips for you to try out.

Before we talk about the tips, there are two important things to know. Firstly the quality of the henna during application and the after care. If you get these two right, we guarantee you will have beautiful deep and dark coloured natural henna.

So, the 6 tips to keep in mind are:

  1. Minimal contact with water for the first 12 hours after scraping off your henna, it will help darken the colour while it’s still developing over this period.
  2. Lemon and sugar – citrus in lemon will help darken the colour whilst the sugar helps it stick to the skin for longer; this avoids drying out the henna.
  3. Never cover design with gloves or plastic bags, it can smudge and ruin the design
  4.  You can use the back of a butter knife to scrape off the henna, but at all cost avoid using water.
  5. Once scraped, keep the area warm, this will help darken the colour. The warmer you are, the darker the colour.
  6. Natural henna will never come out dark straight away, it takes time to develop the colour. You will notice gradual yet significant differences when first scraped off compared to 8-10 hours later/ next day.


Let us know how your henna comes out! Share it with us on Facebook

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Nailing your Nails!


I don’t know why, but much like perfumes, shoes and candles, I love collecting nail polish. I don’t know about you but I think your nail polish colour should reflect your mood rather than match the outfit!

So here goes! With this confused weather – rain and sunshine – I have picked out Revlon Red Bikini. The colour that brightens up the grey day and makes me feel upbeat in the sunshine!

Prep – file, buff and shape your nails so that they are smooth and neat. Apply a base coat so the colour goes on smoothly and when removing, it will not stain your nail – especially with dark/ bright colours.

Apply two coats of nail polish for the perfect varnish and finish off with shiny top coat (leave some drying time between applications).

The key is to keep fewer layers of coats when painting your natural nail whilst making sure you take enough colour. Avoid applying many thick coats, as it’s more likely it will chip off quickly (on that note, I must admit, Essie nail colours have great chipping resistance).

So given you are painting your natural nails (not gel/ acrylics) avoid applying many thick layers. There you have it! Perfectly painted nails.

Do you have a wardrobe of nail polishes? I’d love to see some of your collections!

Share your pictures on Facebook 🙂

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Elegant Picks: Chanel Hair Mist

Chanel Mist


“Chanel No5 Hair Mist is my latest handbag must have! It leaves hair subtly fragranced for the whole day! Best of all, it’s weightless and doesn’t make the hair dry at all! It gives a refreshing feel and protects your hair from any damage too – I simply love it!”  Shachi


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DIY Brow Control



Got nicely shaped brows but still find the odd few stubborn hair stray, slides, budge out of shape? It’s ok, it happens with us too and yes it’s annoying. To fix it and make sure your brows stay in perfect shape till the time you hit bed at night, we’ve come down to the top 5 DIY brow control!

1. Clear mascara

The comb makes it easy to brush the brow back in shape whilst applying the clear mascara –  the best method out of all to keep the brow in place all day .

2. Vaseline (petroleum jelly)

Applied with a cotton bud/ tip of finger over the brow then comb with a disposable mascara brush or even a normal hair comb.

3. Castor oil

Dab a little castor oil on brows and avoid using too much – or else you will walk out with shiny gunky eyebrows – yikes! Not the attention your brows want!

4. Hair gel

Hair gel can keep those stubborn hairs in control – look out for the white stuff when gel dries. To avoid this use good quality gel.

5. Moustache wax

Not sure if he uses it, but no harm in searching through his toiletry kit, right? It’s an old Hollywood beauty tip that keeps the brow hair in place for most of the day. Try the clear one and don’t go overboard in applying it as it can feel sticky and can give stiff looking brows. So only use a little – don’t go overboard.

In short, any good gel based products in your kit should do the trick, hair spray just don’t seem to work with brow control.

If you have tried any other DIY brow control tricks that has done wonders share it with us!

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Eyebrows – sisters, not twins?

You may have heard this phrase and maybe wondered whether your eyebrows should be like sisters or identical twins. Well the correct answer is… it is entirely up to you. Both can frame and lift your eyes equally depending on your facial features.

Naturally our eyebrows are not 100% identical. Believe it or not, but you will find some if not minor differences even in your features, be it your eyes, ears or eyebrows. So your brows can be threaded and shaped whilst keeping the natural differences or precisely shape it identical without making it look fake. Keep away from overly thin and fake looking brows! It does not frame your face in any way.

How to decide which suits you better?

When you visit your threading specialist, talk to her and tell her exactly what you want.

Although they have the expert knowledge on what shape might suit your face – they are not mind readers. So discuss it with her. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for you to communicate how you want your brows and for the threading technician to listen to your requirements.

It’s disappointing that there are so many ladies who complain about their threading specialist not listening to them! Make sure this is not the case with you.

If you feel your consultation is not satisfactory – reconsider your technician. Of course if you are a regular you would not need the consultation every time. But if you are trying out a new technician or visiting one for the first time, absolutely judge the technician from the consultation she provides.

By all means if you really don’t mind and want to leave the shape to your technician that’s fine too – just remember to choose a technician with considerable experience.

The worst part is, you will not be able to see your eyebrows until they are threaded and the mirror appears in front of you, by then it might be too late if you are unhappy with the shape – waiting for them to grow back will be the only option. You can’t even hide your brows unless luckily you have a fringe. Avoid this and choose the better option – discuss this with your technician beforehand.


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