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Nailing your Nails!


I don’t know why, but much like perfumes, shoes and candles, I love collecting nail polish. I don’t know about you but I think your nail polish colour should reflect your mood rather than match the outfit!

So here goes! With this confused weather – rain and sunshine – I have picked out Revlon Red Bikini. The colour that brightens up the grey day and makes me feel upbeat in the sunshine!

Prep – file, buff and shape your nails so that they are smooth and neat. Apply a base coat so the colour goes on smoothly and when removing, it will not stain your nail – especially with dark/ bright colours.

Apply two coats of nail polish for the perfect varnish and finish off with shiny top coat (leave some drying time between applications).

The key is to keep fewer layers of coats when painting your natural nail whilst making sure you take enough colour. Avoid applying many thick coats, as it’s more likely it will chip off quickly (on that note, I must admit, Essie nail colours have great chipping resistance).

So given you are painting your natural nails (not gel/ acrylics) avoid applying many thick layers. There you have it! Perfectly painted nails.

Do you have a wardrobe of nail polishes? I’d love to see some of your collections!

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