Tips For Dark and Deep Henna Colour

HennaWe always get ladies asking us for our top tips to achieve a dark and deep colour from their henna. So here we are sharing with you, our top six tips for you to try out.

Before we talk about the tips, there are two important things to know. Firstly the quality of the henna during application and the after care. If you get these two right, we guarantee you will have beautiful deep and dark coloured natural henna.

So, the 6 tips to keep in mind are:

  1. Minimal contact with water for the first 12 hours after scraping off your henna, it will help darken the colour while it’s still developing over this period.
  2. Lemon and sugar – citrus in lemon will help darken the colour whilst the sugar helps it stick to the skin for longer; this avoids drying out the henna.
  3. Never cover design with gloves or plastic bags, it can smudge and ruin the design
  4.  You can use the back of a butter knife to scrape off the henna, but at all cost avoid using water.
  5. Once scraped, keep the area warm, this will help darken the colour. The warmer you are, the darker the colour.
  6. Natural henna will never come out dark straight away, it takes time to develop the colour. You will notice gradual yet significant differences when first scraped off compared to 8-10 hours later/ next day.


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